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jesse ryderMy name is Jesse Ryder and I grew up hunting and fishing in Upstate New York. By the time I was in my 20's I traveled and hunted throughout the Rockies and by my 30's I began a guiding career in Alaska. Since then I have successfully guided dozens of clients. My guiding career has nearly paralleled my nearly 20 year career as an attorney in New York State. As a guide and a hunter I have witnessed several scenarios where friends and other members of the industry have fallen prey to prosecution due to laws and situations that were out of their control and as a result, many lost their livelihoods. In 2014, unbeknownst to me, I personally guided an individual who was wanted on three felony warrants while he was in the field. This trip put my legal career and my Outfitter's business in jeopardy. The individual I was guiding tried to bribe me with cash to allow him to shoot a second brown bear and hunt same-day airborne. After this trip I nearly lost my passion for guiding. During this same time, a friend's outfitting business was infiltrated by an undercover agent and he has since been put out of business over paperwork issues that were virtually unavoidable and out of his control. At this point I became determined to put my legal skills to work for the hunting industry. We are under attack from every direction and someone needs to stand up for the rights of the honest men and women in our community. I have noticed an increase in radical anti-hunting groups who are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks. For example, fake social media profiles are becoming an epidemic in the hunting community and recently an anti-hunting group has purchased five contiguous guide use areas, constituting twenty thousand square kilometers, out from under established and honest outfitters in British Columbia.

We have developed an online questionnaire that outfitters can use to verify their clients and we also offer custom services including legal waivers, custom hunt contracts, and legal services. Further, OPS will provide our members with up to One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) in criminal defense protection for non-intentional game violations. We have developed a network consisting of the best attorneys that specialize in this type of defense. Once our members obtain OPS verification and our Protection Plan, they can rest easy knowing they are hunting and guiding among the most ethical representatives in our industry. Our members can be welcomed into any camp with the knowledge that the lives of their pilots, guides, and other clients will be safe and successful and if God forbid something were to go awry, we will be standing beside them every step of the way.

Please go to our Testimonials page to read the kind words from our friends in the industry.

Thank you,

Jesse Ryder


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