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hunter background checkOPS has put a team together consisting of guides, attorneys, and a 30+ year law enforcement veteran with extensive FBI experience in setting up fake aliases to verify your hunters. We have developed an easy to use online questionnaire that allows outfitters to plug in their hunter’s information, choose from the menu of options and submit. Our turn around time is usually 2 days, but depending on the level of verification, can take longer. We take the time to communicate directly with prior outfitters to verify the type of person you are bringing into your camp. This service is available only to outfitters and guides. Hunters will never know they have been checked unless you choose to disclose this information. This is an easy way to weed out anyone from an anti-hunter or an undercover agent or just someone with less than desirable character.  Any custom services beyond the comprehensive Hunter Verification are available for an additional fee. This would include follow-up referrals, asset checks, etc.


custom hunt contractsOver the years I have been asked to draft and review hunt contracts and liability waivers.  There are certain things that need to be covered within these documents, and it continues to amaze me how many outfitters still put themselves at risk by failing to protect themselves with proper contracts. Through this service you can submit your hunt contracts via email and we will review and make suggestions for you. We will draft these changes or can provide you with a contract that we know has been proven in the industry. All liability policies today require waivers and over the years we have drafted numerous waivers for outfitters and guides. There is a huge difference between a whitetail outfitter in the Midwest and a sheep guide in the Chugach Mountains. Each liability waiver has to be as detailed as possible to have any chance of standing up in court. Further, OPS offers assistance for non-liability disputes between non-member hunters and outfitters. This would include Arbitration Representation over fee disputes or any other matters that may arise between our Outfitter Members and their hunters. 


legal protectionThe Guide and Outfitter Protection Plan is the most revolutionary service available to the guiding and outfitting industry today. Under this service, OPS offers our Members assistance with hiring and paying for the right attorney for representation of unintentional game violations committed during the course of their business. With this membership, you will be assured that if one of your guides finds themselves in a bind with a  game violation, they will have the money available to fund a proper and solid defense. We have a network of the most experienced attorneys in North America in the field of Game Violation representation. Further, we allow our members to use their own attorneys so long as they are approved by OPS. We are in the process of expanding this service worldwide through relationships with attorneys throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, South and East Central Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This service is available to outfitters, guides, and hunters. 

It is time that the ethical members of our industry stand united against misinterpretations and the overzealous prosecution of our game laws.



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