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Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt Member Giveaway

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GIVEAWAY ENDS: May 1st, 2017, 11:59PM

WHO CAN ENTER: Hunters, Guides, and Outfitters. All are welcome!

HUNT PROVIDED BY: Asian Mountain Outfitters


HOW: Enroll online or sign up at one of our trade show booths below:

  • Dallas Safari Club's 2017 Adventure Show & Expo (Booth 2719), January 5th - 8th
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Details and Terms

Travel to Kyrgyzstan with Asian Mountain Outfitters. This hunt is conducted on horseback/foot in high elevations. Hunting is different than North America and hunters need to be prepared for cultural/language differences, long range and sometimes quick shooting (proficient at 500+ yards). The climates are similar to the high & dry areas of CO, NM and NV. Hunters have the option of shooting a second Ibex ($5,000) or a Roe Buck (4,500) both of which would be on trophy fee. This Ibex hunt can be upgraded to include Marco Polo for $23,000 as the price for both animals is $31,500 USD. This Ibex hunt includes 6-8 hunting days and it requires a hunter to be relatively fit and experienced in mountain hunting. Typical Ibex size ranges from 38 - 47”. An average Ibex is about 42/43”. Ibex under 38” and over 48” are rare. It requires patience, skill, hard work and of course, some luck, to harvest 47” and larger Ibex, but it is possible. We hunt many areas for Ibex; some areas have bigger Ibex than others and some have easier hunting/access; our goal is to match the client/area to better suit their abilities and goals. If a hunter prefers to do a non-horseback hunt (using pack donkeys and foot/jeep hunting), this hunt can be switched to Tajikistan, with our partners there. The most common Ibex hunt dates are September and October, but the season runs from August 15th thru February 28th, with no hunting between Dec.1st - Jan. 10th. The hunt is to be taken during the 2017 season, but arrangements can be made to postpone hunt until 2018 (with approval from Asian Mountain Outfitters; if Gov’t fees increase, hunters will pay this increase). The hunter is responsible for the flight to and from Bishkek via Turkish Air/Istanbul, meals and lodging while in Bishkek (usually 2 nights), extra baggage fees for taking home skin/skull or shipping of trophies home and staff tips (clients will be provided with Tip suggestions). The license and trophy fee for one Ibex are included and there are no hidden costs. A non-hunting companion is welcome for $2,500. If hunt space is available for an additional hunter, on the same hunt date, price is $8,500. Asian Mountain Outfitters works with many different outfitting partners, in many different locations, whom provide local guides, assistants, cooks, vehicles, horses, camps, food, and lodging. The best local guides typically do not speak English though and it is expensive and difficult (because hunts are often in Sept and Oct) to get a Western/English speaking guide to accompany the clients, so hunters need to be able to assist in trophy judging & overseeing skin/cap prep too. The Ibex are plentiful in most areas and do not require a U.S. Cities Import Permit, unlike Marco Polo sheep. Bryan has conducted seminars at various conventions in the past, about equipment, shooting and what should be expected on such hunts. He has outfitted in Canada since 1999 and in Central Asia since 2002 and has personally been on many successful Marco Polo/Ibex hunts and will do his best to educate and prepare a hunter, before the trip. Usually he spends 40-60 days each year in Asia, to insure that AMO is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the hunts. Make sure to check out Asian Mountain Outfitters website, Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo and Ibex Hunting for more info.

Donated by: Bryan Martin, Asian Mountain Outfitters (AMO);

Phone/text: (250) 317-5525

Address: 105-1361 McGill Rd, Kamloops, BC V2C 6K7

E-Mail:; Office: Lynzy:


No cash value.

Prize may be transferred to another person.


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